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Study in Lithuania

Country Information:
65,300 km2
27.9 lakhs
Lithuanian and English
Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia

8 Reasons to Study in Lithuania

  • 1. It lays claim to an internationally recognized higher education system
  • 2. It is relatively affordable
  • 3. it’s a great portal to the rest of Europe
  • 4. Its people are friendly and welcoming
  • 5. The quality of life is high
  • 6. The culture and food are extraordinary
  • 7. It’s easy to get a visa
  • 8. It’s open to startups and entrepreneurs
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Study in Latvia

Country Information:
64,589 km2
19.2 lakhs
Latvian and English
Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus

Top 8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Latvia

  • 1. Quality Education in Latvia
  • 2. Culture
  • 3. Architecture
  • 4. Local people and Language Travel
  • 5. General Life as a Student in Latvia
  • 6. Working while Studying in Latvia
  • 7. Working after Graduation in Latvia
  • 8. Celebrate the Sports
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Study in Spain

Country Information:
Spanish and English
Morocco, Andorra, France, Portugal and Gibraitar

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain

  • 1. Discover the History
  • 2. Meet the People
  • 3. Learn the Language
  • 4. Taste the Cuisine
  • 5. Participate in the Festivals
  • 6. Witness the Art and Literature
  • 7. Experience the Music and Performing Arts
  • 8. Celebrate the Sports
  • 9. Catch a Glimpse of the Monuments
  • 10. Find Yourself
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Study in Switzerland

Country Information:
41,285 km2
88.7 lakhs
Swiss franc
English, French, German, Italian
Germany, France, Italy, and Liechtenstein

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Switzerland

  • 1. People as Diverse as the Geography
  • 2. The Scenic Route
  • 3. The Alps
  • 4. Adventure Sports
  • 5. High Class Cities
  • 6. An International Network
  • 7. The Rest of Europe at Your Doorstep
  • 8. Efficiency is Key
  • 9. A Safe Place to Live
  • 10. A Quality Higher Education
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Study in France

Country Information:
French and English

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in France

  • 1. It’s not all Paris
  • 2. But Paris though...
  • 3. Variety of programs and universities
  • 4. True academics
  • 5. You get to learn French
  • 6. Rich in history (read: castles)
  • 7. Rich in culture
  • 8. Centre of the universe
  • 9. Four season experience
  • 10. Chocolate croissants
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Study in Malta

Country Information:
5 lakhs
Maltese and English

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Malta

  • 1. Moving as a Student
  • 2. Maltese Life
  • 3. Familiar Education System
  • 4. English-Speaking Locals
  • 5. Constant Sunshine
  • 6. Low Cost of Living
  • 7. Many Sights to See
  • 8. Friendly and Safe
  • 9. Lots of International Students
  • 10. Beautiful Sea
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Study in Poland

Country Information:
3, 12,679 km2
3.8 crores
Polish Zloty
Polish, Russian, English

Top 8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Poland

  • 1. High Quality Universities
  • 2. Price
  • 3. Vibrant Student and Cultural Life
  • 4. Poland is a Part of the Socrates–Erasmus Programme
  • 5. Scholarships for Non-EU Students
  • 6. Affordable and Delicious Cuisine
  • 7. Polish Hospitality
  • 8. Polish Sense of Humour
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Country Information:
Port Louis
2,040 km2
12, 71,768
Mauritian rupee
English and French


  • 1. Standard and High-Quality Education System
  • 2. Chance to achieve a foreign degree from top nations
  • 3. Quality Living
  • 4. Low Expense for Studying and Living
  • 5. Easy Immigration Procedures
  • 6. Safe and Secured Living
  • 7. A varied range of Cultures
  • 8. Always in need of skilled professionals
  • 9. Ease of Communication
  • 10. Good place for traveling
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Study in FIJI

Country Information:
18,274 km2
Fijian Dollar(FJD)

5 Reasons to Grab Your Shades & Study Abroad in FIJI

  • 1. No Language Barrier
  • 2. Swim Till You Drop
  • 3. The Weather is Awesome
  • 4. Everything is Laid Back
  • 5. The Food is Delicious—And the Water, DUH!
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Why Study in Canada ?

Preparing for your future can be both a scary and exciting stage of your life. There are so many options and avenues to choose from! To broaden their horizons and experience something new, many students opt to study abroad.

Out of all the many choices available to students, Canada comes out on top. Being one of the hottest destinations to study abroad, Canada attracts thousands of foreign students from across the globe with its peaceful environs and top-class education. Being a hub for international student education, Canada boasts of a number of high ranking universities in the world. With numerous top universities, student-friendly cities, as well as research-based programs in domains like engineering and management, it's no wonder that Canada is one of the first places which comes in mind for students who want to study abroad.

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Study M.B.B.S. Without NEET | Study in Georgia

Students who completed their 12th, they have best opportunity for study in Georgia. 12th pass students can get admission in MBBS in top universities of Georgia without NEET.

In Georgia, students get best study experience and a wonderful carrer ahead. Georgia offers world-class education and teaching methods for MBBS students.

Study MBBS in Georgia is affordable for students because the tution-fees, institutes fees and leaving expense is law then other countries.

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Exciting Education Options | Study in Singapore

Students who want to study in abroad they have a golden opportunity for study in Singapore. Diploma/ Degree pass students and 10th/12th pass students also can get admission in top universities.

You can get open admission in Medical Science, Engineering and Architecture, Hospitality Management, Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Fashion Designing, Media and Film Production, and other courses.

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