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  • June 25, 2019
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Study in Malta

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Malta

Country Information:
5 lakhs
Maltese and English

There are many appealing aspects of studying abroad, no matter where you choose to go, but Malta has some truly unique features that recommend it over other destinations. Whether you’re dreaming of an exciting adventure or finding somewhere friendly to study, these are top 10 important reasons why students are drawn to study in Malta.

1. Moving as a Student
The actual process of moving is relatively simple, especially if you are from a country that is part of the Schengen agreement, in which case you won’t need a visa. Your nearest Maltese embassy or consulate can give you all the information and advice you’ll need. On arrival, you will need to be able to prove that you are able to pay your tuition fees and support yourself.

2. Maltese Life
Life on this lovely island has a lot to recommend it, from the lively festivals to the regular outdoor plays and concerts. Don’t miss the jazz festival in July, or the summer festival with its food and firework displays. The nightlife centres of Paceville and St Julian’s offer clubs of all kinds, while restaurants and cafes sell traditional delicacies such as pastizzi and ftira bread. You’ll also spend a lot of your time on the beach, taking boat trips and searching for hidden caves.

3. Familiar Education System
For British students, the education system will seem very familiar. Primary school takes six years, secondary school takes five, and this is then followed by college or sixth form to take the Matriculation certificate, which is very similar to British A-Levels.

4. English-Speaking Locals
Most of the locals are bilingual, speaking perfect English as well as the local language. It is rare to find a Maltese person who isn’t happy to speak English with you.

5. Constant Sunshine
With around 300 days of sunshine per year, there’s little danger of rain spoiling your plans. Spend some time sunbathing on the many beaches, and make your friends and family jealous of your amazing tan when you return!

6. Low Cost of Living
Prices on the island are generally very reasonable, whether you’re looking at rent, tuition, food, transport, or general living expenses. They’re certainly cheaper than other places you might choose to study, such as the UK or the Americas, meaning you can save a lot of money on your studies.

7. Many Sights to See
For such a small island, it is bursting with exciting sights to see. Many civilisations over the years have left their mark on the island, both in ancient and modern times. Visit the fortress at Valletta or the old city of Mdina for an interesting historical day out. With many World Heritage Sites and some of the world’s oldest buildings, this location is great for history fans as well as sun-worshippers.

8. Friendly and Safe
If you’re worried about a cold reception when studying abroad, this is an ideal choice for you. The locals are laid-back and happy to help newcomers, especially compared to other English-speaking countries, and the island as a whole is one of the safest places in the world for international students.

9. Lots of International Students
One of the best places to meet other international students, the Maltese islands are home to thousands of students from all over the world. As well as making a diverse group of friends, you can easily find people from your own country to make friends with and fend off homesickness.

10. Beautiful Sea
Like most islands, the lure of the sea is one of the main reasons why students and tourists alike flock to this tiny Mediterranean island. If you’re feeling active, you might choose to go swimming, sailing, or diving. If not, just relax on the beach and get a tan. Many film crews have chosen to visit Malta because of the beautiful blue sea, and you may have seen the island on some of your favourite shows. There may be better-known sites, but films such as Troy and Gladiator have filmed here, as well as popular TV shows like Game of Thrones.
There are many reasons to study in Malta and we are sure that apart from receiving high quality knowledge, you will get to enjoy the island, creating memorable experiences.

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