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  • June 25, 2019
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Country Information:
Port Louis
2,040 km2
12, 71,768
Mauritian rupee
English and French

Mauritius is consistently redefining as the top nation to study for many international students. The demand for studying in Mauritius is gradually increasing because of the benefits it assures for their skilled professionals. Yes, the country provides many effective benefits for their students and these reasons are impacting the need for Mauritius visas.

Mauritius has become a destination for providing high-quality education and reframing students with an overall grade of excellent over the world. Mauritius is the first island, which has listed in UNESCO for tertiary education enrolment. Also, it is the place for hosting globalized, affordable, and world-class education.

Let us now discuss a few of the top reasons which prove study in Mauritius more advantageous.

10 Reasons you should know before opting Mauritius Study Visa

1. Standard and High-Quality Education System:
The country is very much particular for providing standard education for its international students. Tertiary Education Commission effectively monitors the education system. Also, the Ministry of Higher Education and Mauritian Qualifications Authority (MQA) takes up every responsibility to oversee and maintain the quality assurance in the education system.

2. Chance to achieve a foreign degree from top nations:
Most of the states in Mauritius prefer for providing partnerships with many top countries. Mauritius provides the opportunity to obtain a foreign degree from various universities of the Europe, UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, etc, for international and local students.

3. Quality Living:
The country holds many developed areas. With its developed infrastructure, the country provides an effective range of health-care and medical facilities for an international student to experience.

4. Low Expense for Studying and Living:
Among the many countries, Mauritius provides comparatively less living costs for an international student to live in the country. The living costs are 3-5 times lesser than the UK, Canada, Australia, France, etc.

5. Easy Immigration Procedures:
International students experience the top benefit of the easy immigration process. However, to avail of the Mauritius student visa, it is important for an international student to opt the immigration services from top immigration consultants and Knowledge Hub Global is the top immigration consultant in India

6. Safe and Secured Living:
The country is listed among many nations on the aspect of safety and comfortable living. The country has a lesser threat from natural disasters and has a moderate temperature. Also, it has got ranked as the 20th Peaceful country among 163 countries.

7. A varied range of Cultures:
The country is exposed to many different traditions and cultures. The country holds people across the world and thus it is living in a multi-racial country. In addition, it also has a good range of food varieties in which every student can feel pleasure.

8. Always in need of skilled professionals:
The economy of Mauritius is very wide with an extensive number of industries. And, thus, it is always in need of skilled professionals. The career options it ensures for international students are remarkable in the fields of hospitality, travel & tourism, etc.

9. Ease of Communication:
The people living in the country are bilingual, i.e. in English and French. And, thus it provides ease for an international student to improve language skills.

10. Good place for traveling:
The country is very much pleasant, cultured and beautiful with many great destinations. Though the island is known for its beaches and waters, it is also a favourite destination because of its history, fascinating food and nature around. Mauritius offers endless opportunities and adventures to experience throughout for an international student who plans to study in Mauritius.

How to apply for Mauritius Study Visa?
Mauritius is a great place of destination for many international professionals. With an extensive range of advantages and opportunities, the country is always a favourite destiny to live, study, and work. If you are also dreaming to move to Mauritius and study in the wonderful land, then you should obtain a student visa. Mauritius’ study visa is a permit that allows international students to be part of the Mauritius education system.

However, to obtain a study visa, it is essential to approach an immigration consultancy. The experienced consultants will help in processing your study visa application from documentation to visa approval. Knowledge Hub Global is one of the top immigration consultancy and having a 200+ admission and guidance centre in all over India, may be one of our centre is near to your place.
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