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  • June 25, 2019
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Study in France

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in France

Country Information:
French and English
Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain

This should really go without saying, but France is so much more than just a vacation spot. While lounging under the Eiffel Tower is fun for a few hours, what really makes France stand out as a study abroad location is its quality of life and education. Really, you shouldn’t be wondering why study abroad in France, but rather why not?!

1. It’s not all Paris
Just like with most major cities around the world, they become synonymous with the country itself. Even though Paris is a big city with a lot to offer, in all reality it’s just a teeny tiny portion of France. Consider one of France’s other college-oriented areas, such as Tours, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, or Grenoble for a vibrant city environment with a much more authentic French flare. Not to mention, too, some of these places can be great springboards for outside-the-classroom fun. Is there a better place to go to school than surrounded by Provence’s luscious lavender fields or Grenoble’s larger-than-life mountains?

2. But Paris though...
We get it, it really is hard to separate Paris from the rest of France, but luckily you don’t have to! If you’ve been dreaming of strolling down the romantic, café-lined streets of the City of Love since you were a kid, then go for it! Paris is one of the top five study abroad locations for many, many reasons, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to consider other French cities unless you want to. With some of the best universities in the world and an incredibly diverse student population, Paris is home to every type of international student and can offer you basically the world. Most visitors agree that Paris alone is a good enough reason to study abroad in France!

3. Variety of programs and universities
It’s easy to say “I want to study in France!” without really thinking about the study part. Never fear! Being one of the top study abroad countries means that France offers a ton of academic routes. There are over 3,500 institutions of higher education throughout the country, so you’ll definitely have your pick of location and school. With so many options, you can get seriously creative with your program and classes. Where else in the world could you study fine cooking and biology? Or international business and music? Only in France!

4. True academics
The French have been killing it in the innovation world for quite some time...and no, we’re not talking about French Fries! From science and engineering feats like the stethoscope, pasteurization, and the hot air balloon to crucial parts of our lifestyles like hairdryers, Braille, canned foods, photography, and Etch-a-Sketches, France has been changing the way the world works since day one. Instead of studying in a boring classroom about the history of cinema, come to France and experience first-hand how the Lumière brothers paved the way for our obsession with Hollywood!

5. You get to learn French
One of the best reasons to study abroad in France is that you get an opportunity to study the language of love! Even though there are over 40 countries and territories with French as an official language, you can’t beat coming right to the source. French is the 19th most spoken language in the world coming in at over 75 million native speakers alone, so having some of this in your back pocket can only help you. It’s always a good thing to be able to say more than je ne sais quoi!

6. Rich in history (read: castles)
France has been dominating world history for as long as pretty much anyone can remember. From its glamorous royal families to colonization, wars, and revolutions, this relatively small country has covered a lot of ground. Every country has ways of engaging with its history, but France is particularly up-front. Throughout the entire country, there are more museums, memorials, galleries, and cultural centres than anyone has time for...the Louvre is just one! Every region has a storied past, but what sets France apart is that it’s living history. Behind every chic office building is a quaint 16th century cobblestone alley. Around every bustling corner is a 600-year-old cathedral or former royal residence. When you’re talking about history (both good and bad…), France is the real deal.

7. Rich in culture
When it comes to France, “culture” isn’t just a catch-all word for “different”. Here, it means sophistication. While practically every country in central and western Europe can boast their medieval fortresses, glittering palaces, and the finest art, food, and shopping around, France was one of the regions that brought true culture to our world.
Have you ever counted how many Palace of Versailles-inspired buildings or gardens there are around the world today? Or considered the countless fashion designers and early trendsetters like Marie Antoinette who influenced how millions of people dress? Or thought about how everyone in the western world drinks champagne at literally every fancy or happy occasion? We basically wouldn’t be the classy people we are without France!

8. Centre of the universe
Not really, but when it comes to budget airlines and cheap train tickets, France is definitely the centre of that universe! Being smack dab in central Europe is one of the biggest benefits of studying in France because it means you can travel to pretty much anywhere within a short period of time. You’ll for sure have time off during weekends and school breaks to adventure, so make the most of them by starting in a well-connected and heavily-neighbored country like France!

9. Four season experience
France’s location is definitely ideal for easy international travel, but it’s also perfect for local adventures! France stretches from the warm and sunny Mediterranean up to the snowy Alps, making it an awesome choice for students looking for some diversity in their climates. Spend one weekend relaxing après-ski style on Mont Blanc and the next sipping a café glacé on the French Riviera. Just don’t forget to study in between!

10. Chocolate croissants
We obviously saved the best for last, and France’s food is definitely the best. Why would anyone walk away from an opportunity to start every day with a fresh-baked, judgment-free chocolate croissant? Or continue every day with both a sweet and a savory crepe? Or round out every day with more fresh cheese, meats, and baguettes than you can ever imagined? Food is something that everyone can agree should be the deciding factor in where to

study abroad, so make the right decision and study abroad in France!

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